Copyrights take on a variety of forms, including literary works, musical works, and graphic works.  Copyrights also grant the copyright holder a variety of rights, including the right to produce the work, distribute the work, or sell the work.

Copyright Licenses

Through copyright licensing, an owner can grant a third party certain rights to use the copyright, and define the outer limits of that use.  Copyright licensing can be an effective strategy in monetizing software and other copyrightable material.  Our copyright license attorneys can draft a copyright license agreement in a way that protects the original holder’s rights, while granting the user the ability to use the copyrighted works.

Copyright User Agreements

Sometimes licensing is not the best option for a situation.  Copyright owners can enter into user agreements with third parties to allow for use of the work in a manner that does not create any rights to the work by the end-user.  A multitude of agreements can be created specific to the copyright owners’ goals.  Our copyright lawyers advise on the options available to copyright owners to help protect the owners, while allowing for third party use of the works.  Agreements can be tailored to meet specific needs and goals for the parties involved.

Our IP licensing attorneys can draft license agreements for holders of a variety of copyrighted works customized to the parties needs and goals.