A copyright provides protection for original works created by the author.  Subject to certain legal exceptions, copyrights protect the exclusive right to copy and distribute a creative work for a period of time.  A copyright litigation lawsuit is typically the way copyrights are enforced by their owner, who may be the original author or an assignee of the copyrights.  Before filing a lawsuit, the plaintiff typically files a copyright application and obtains registration, if a copyright registration for the work was not previously obtained.

Our copyright litigation attorneys have handled numerous copyright disputes and lawsuits, representing both plaintiffs as well defendants in state and federal courts.

Pre-litigation Notices

It is important to know the steps to take when a company receives a copyright infringement notice or notice of an infringement lawsuit.  Retaining a copyright attorney can make the difference between moving past the infringement notice quickly and triggering a more serious dispute.  Our attorneys advise clients regarding copyright infringement defense and defending against copyright infringement claims.

Our IP Attorneys advise on and have addressed unique issues that arise in copyright litigation.  Contact us today for an initial consultation regarding your copyright needs.