Copyright use and enforcement are issues that arise frequently for individuals and businesses involved in eCommerce and the posting of third party content online. While copyright infringement can happen anywhere and is not limited to online content, the ease of use of the Internet and its widespread reach gives rise to copyright issues.

It is important to understand both what one has fair use to do or not regarding another’s copyrighted works, as well as what to allow and monitor for regarding allowing third party use of your copyrighted works.

Copyright Use

When referring to another’s work one should take care not to overstep the boundaries of fair use. Issues regarding copyright can quickly arise and placing seemingly innocent users of copyrighted content in trouble, with the posting of links and photos in social media, the instant retrieval of information from media sources, and the Internet being a fairly simple medium for setting up the resale of products.

The use of third party works in any form or media, without the proper consent and/or license, can potentially create infringement liability.  Our Copyright Attorneys advise on the common issues to be aware of when engaging in activities or business that could potentially give rise to copyright issues.

Copyright Enforcement

Having ownership in copyrighted works does not alone protect the owner.  To enforce those rights also requires some diligence and monitoring.  Having user agreements or licenses in place for third party use of copyrighted material may not be enough to prevent copyright infringement.  Our copyright attorneys advise on, create, and implement copyright enforcement programs to help ensure that copyright agreements and licenses are being properly followed, as wells as to help identify and stop unauthorized third party copyright infringement.

Our IP Lawyers can assist with all forms of copyright use and enforcement issues.  Contact us for assistance with your copyright needs.