Copyright Protection

Our Copyright Attorneys understand the importance of protecting the creative expression of your business through the use of copyright and related laws. Copyright protection provides owners of original works the exclusive right to copy, distribute, sell, display, perform, and/or create derivative works.  Having a plan for protection of original works in advance of releasing works to the public is important to help avoid potential infringement and costs associated with later trying to prove original authorship and/or ownership should a dispute arise.  Our copyright lawyers advise on the common issues small business owners face regarding copyright, as well as provide strategic protection, enforcement and litigation programs for owners of large copyright portfolios.

(starting at $500) While rights are established in copyrights at the time of creation, obtaining federal registration is necessary to enforce rights against infringers in a court of law.  Our copyright lawyers provide strategic advice for copyright protection and registration customized to your needs.  Get More Info Here
(Hourly) Copyright licensing and user agreements can be an effective strategy in monetizing software and other copyrightable material.  Our Dallas Copyright Attorneys advise businesses and individuals regarding the licensing of their own works as well as the use and licensing of a third party’s copyrighted works.  We negotiate terms and obtain clearance for our clients’ uses, specifically fitting to the distinct client needs and goals. Get More Info Here.
(Hourly) Once one has established copyright rights and entered into licensing and user agreements, it is important to monitor and enforce those rights.  Having an agreement in place does not in itself keep infringement from happening.  Our Dallas Copyright Attorneys advise on, design, and implement programs for monitoring of proper use and enforcement of copyright licenses and user agreements. Get More Info Here
(Hourly) Our Copyright Attorneys adopt a business team approach when we assist clients with formulating strategies to minimize litigation exposure before lawsuits occur.  When litigation commences, we represent our clients’ interests to obtain results based on individual client goals. Our Dallas Copyright Lawyers have experience litigating copyright disputes before federal courts and dismissing copyright actions filed in state court. Get More Info Here
(starting at $500, inclusive of filing fees) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides a safe harbor protection to owners of websites that allow for the uploading of content to their website. Specific requirements on how the content is handled is key to whether the safe harbor remains in force and there are certain steps that must be taken by the website owner and operator. We provide assistance with all requirements to properly register a DMCA Agent and maintain a safe harbor. Get More Info Here